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Howard Love

Howard Love is a life-long entrepreneur who has founded, co-founded, funded and managed startups for over 30 years. He has founded or co-founded over 15 businesses and invested in over 50 startups including:
•Inmark Development, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO. Sold to Rogue Wave (IPO, Board Member)
•MarketHome – Chairman & Investor. Acquired by ClickAction (Board Member)
•GetawayZone – Co-Founder, Investor. Acquired by Expedia
•PageWise – Co-Founder, Investor & Chairman. Acquired by Demand Media
•FlexJobs – Co-Founder, Investor & Chairman
•LoveToKnow – Founder/Owner, Chairman & CEO (Recently acquired Trails.com)
•Knowingly – Co-Founder & Chairman
Love attended Phillips Exeter Academy (1974-1978) and Colgate University (1978-1983). He completed his first Ironman competition at the age of 51 in Lake Placid, NY. His first book "The J Curve for Start-Ups" is published by Greenleaf Book Group. Love resides in Silicon Valley, CA.